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How to become a Senior Member (Age 18+)

As a CAP Senior Member, you can choose to serve in one of 25 Specialty Track Career Fields ranging from Public Affairs, to Administration, Communications, IT or Cadet Programs. We need your skills, and we will train you in the CAP Career Field you choose.

Right now we need Aircrews, Scanner, Observers, and Pilots. We can train you to fly exciting Search and Rescue Missions. Service to your Community and Country is part-time, and can be an exciting second career.

The application form can be downloaded from this link.

How to become a Cadet (Age 10-21)

The CAP Cadet Program trains tomorrow's Leaders today.

The program is run by our Cadet Leaders, under the direction of trained and screened CAP Senior Members. Weekly meetings at our local Squadrons develop Character and Leadership.

There is NO Obligation for Military service.

We offer our Cadets' summer/winter Encampments, Flying, Pilot Training, Rocketry, travel oppurtunities, and traing and participation in Search and Rescue operations.

The application form can be downloaded from this link. The online application (recommended) may be accessed at this link.

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